Paul Cheek with Rushing Water Yoga Part II

Listen in as Paul shares how his journey began with yoga. He was raising a teenager and looking for something to calm his mind and help him refocus. It helped him balance his emotions and not react so quickly to a situation. Twenty eight years later he is still sharing his beautiful gift with our community. Tune in to this inspiring interview and think about your role in this world…..and in our community. Peace.

The amazing Paul Cheek with Rushing Water Yoga

Our community is so lucky to have the wonderful Rushing Water Yoga studio in downtown Camas. Paul Cheek, owner and instructor, just celebrated 15 years of being in this beautiful space. Tune into this interview as Paul explains how yoga not only benefits our bodies, but also our minds.

Scott Binder with Results Fitness Training

Tune into my latest interview with Scott Binder at Results Fitness Training in Camas, WA. He’s got a great TRX facility that is thriving in the fitness community. With his positive attitude, knowledge of fitness and nutrition you are bound to find something here for you. Check it out!