Know someone doing something good in Camas?
Have a great story to share?
Know of a fun event to tell people about?
Well submit your idea to me here!

One thought on “CONTACT

  1. Alicia,
    I am sooo incredibly happy and excited for you!! This is such a great idea and I couldn’t think of a more perfect thing for you to do “while the kids are at school.” I remember the first time I met you while attending the CEF auction. You came up to me and started talking to me as if we were best friends. I honestly thought, “I must know this person…she’s talking to me as if we’ve known eachother forever.” I racked my brain as we began chatting and finally realized that I had never met you, but rather you were just the friendliest person on the planet! From that moment on, I was a huge “Alica fan” and have always admired your ability to talk to people of all ages and connect to people immediately. I wish you the best with this endeavor. It is your calling!

    P.S. I know this cute high school boy starting a clothing line that would be a good person to feature. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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