JustAGirl-Adhoc-ShoutOutsMy hubby.  Thanks so much for believing in me and encouraging me to go for this!  Your encouragement and never-ending faith has kept me going.  You are also one hot camera man!   I love you.  Thank you.

I have had the honor and pleasure of collaborating with an amazing photographer, Annie Hieronymus, with SEE Annie photos. Annie joins me on interviews in the community. She captures behind the scenes, the environment and all kinds of fun images with her artsy eye. I am so grateful for her work and time. For any of your photo or graphic-photo needs CHECK OUT

Amazing graphic designer Erica Stupfel.  Oh my gosh!  You have made my vision in my head a reality.  Thank you for your beautiful and creative work.  The website, my business cards, everything.  You are truly a very talented woman.  Check out some of Erica’s work at