Aspergers and other Superpowers by Maximillian Marciel

Meet Max. He is the author of the book Aspergers and other Superpowers. We sat down to talk about his book. His struggles and triumphs. I didn’t cut out anything from this interview. I want everyone to hear everything Max shares. He is an amazing young man. Inspirational. Enjoy and share. Thank you!

Camas teacher contest 2014

Just a Girl in Camas is having a contest to honor a teacher in the Camas School District.  Students in grades K-12 can submit a short video, story, poem, picture or whatever creative way they would like to nominate their teacher.  Why does your teacher inspire you?  How is a teacher making a difference in your life?  Let me know and your teacher could be the one honored with a surprise interview by Just a Girl in Camas and special gifts from Camas businesses.  Email me at  Deadline is May 31st.  Winner decided by June 6th.

How to Build a Community

How to Build a Community
There are so many little things we can all do to help build a community. Listen to sweet 8 year old Sam as he shares some of these ideas. Think of how many of these ideas you do and how you can add one more to your list. Working together and helping each other out will make our community stronger.

Porch Chats


Some of the best conversations happen on my porch.  It may be a mom dropping a little one off for a play date, it may be conversation with a friend or family member.  It just seems that good stuff comes from these porch chats.  So here are some clips from some of these “porch chats.”   Enjoy!