Aspergers and other Superpowers by Maximillian Marciel

Meet Max. He is the author of the book Aspergers and other Superpowers. We sat down to talk about his book. His struggles and triumphs. I didn’t cut out anything from this interview. I want everyone to hear everything Max shares. He is an amazing young man. Inspirational. Enjoy and share. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Aspergers and other Superpowers by Maximillian Marciel

  1. I loved your interview and am so proud of you Max. It has been my pleasure being a part of your life and honored to be your friend.

    Kristie Nourrie

  2. Thanks for the incredible interview with Max. I had the pleasure to work with Max when he was at CHS and it was an honor. He was bright and insightful then and he grows more amazing each day. I can’t wait to watch and see what he accomplishes next.

  3. Hi, I’m Kim Siehl and live in Camas as well. I LOVED your interview with Max and ordered his book. My step-son is also highly-functioning Asperger and mirrors so much of Max and his story. He has just graduated from WSU with a Master’s in Computer Engineering. I’ll be cheering on Max and look forward to hearing his progress. I’m sure Max has tons of friends from CHS, but if he’s ever interested in a meet-up in Camas for mentoring, friendship, or to meet other locals like him my son Kyle Siehl is 26 and I’d love for him to meet other Aspies and mentor where he can. Thank you for taking interest in these amazing kids.

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