Clark County First Citizen Award for 2015 goes to Nan Henriksen

Tune into my latest video and meet one amazing woman, Nan Henriksen. Nan was mayor of Camas for nine years and was very influential in guiding our city to the many wonderful features we enjoy today. Nan is being honored tomorrow with the Clark County First Citizen Award. An amazing and admirable woman-tune in and meet Nan.

Micah’s Miles

Meet this wonderful family that is spreading joy by raising money for superhero capes that go to children with special needs. Find out how you can help and sponsor a cape for each mile of the marathon they are running next weekend. Micah and his family are inspiring and doing good out in this world. Check it out!

Local People


There are so many amazing people in this Camas community.  Have you ever stopped to chat with them?  Find out their story?  Well, I’m working on doing that.  Check out some inspiring, amazing and great people that live right here.  Hear their stories and see how people in our community are out there making good things happen.