What is Camas Booster Club? What fun fundraiser is this Saturday, April 30th?

Put on your dancing shoes and head down to Westlie Ford this Saturday, April 30th at 6:00 for a Nu Shooz concert. Proceeds from this concert go to benefit the Camas Booster Club which in turn goes to support sport programs at Camas middle schools and at Camas High School. Listen in as I chat with Wanda Miller about what Camas Boosters is and with Rory Oster about how it benefits Camas sports programs. For tickets go to www.camasboosters.org

Happy Earth Day!

  Happy Earth Day! I’ll never forget a music class my children took once where they learned a Native American chant. The main lyrics were-

The Earth is our mother we must take care of her

The sky is our father 

The trees our our brothers 

The rivers are our sisters

~Oi Polloi

Please recycle something today. Take a walk. Breathe the air. Put your feet in the wet grass. Smell a flower. Watch a bee.  
Be grateful and kind to our beautiful planet.

Mike Nerland-Reflecting on his time with the Camas School District

I really enjoyed my time sitting down with Mike Nerland to talk about his time teaching, being a principal and as a superintendent for the last eleven years with the Camas School District. Listen in as Mike reflects on his experiences and what his next chapter will be on his journey. Don’t forget to catch all interviews subscribe with your email at www.justagirlincamas.com.