The historic Camas Hotel

Located right in our sweet downtown Camas is the historic Camas Hotel. I had such a wonderful time sitting down with Terri Sauer, owner of the Camas Hotel, and learning about what they have to offer while seeing the lovely rooms. A fabulous option for a night away or for the in-laws when they come into town. Maybe you are passing thru headed to the Gorge or maybe you want a hotel that is nestled in a great town with cozy coffee shops, art galleries to explore and so much more. I’m certain that the Camas Hotel will be an option you won’t regret. Check it out and book your room today. LIKE and SHARE this interview to win a FREE night at the Camas Hotel. Your settings must be set to public so we can track your share. Thank you!

Just a Girl in Camas visits Greece

I’ve added a new tab to my website! It is called Beyond Camas and when I can I will be featuring communities that I visit. My hope is that we can relate and learn from communities all around the world. The end of September I visited the beautiful country of Greece. I found the people and culture there to be very much persevering and staying positive. I interviewed a lovely woman, Ariti, who gave us a walking tour around Athens. Listen in as I chat with her about their community and how they are sticking together during some trying and changing times.
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