Mr. Condon – A teacher loved by many at Skyridge Middle School!

I’ve heard about this teacher for years and decided it was time to feature this great guy in our community that teaches science and track at Skyridge Middle School. Tune in and listen to my interview with Mr. Condon and hear about his time teaching and about how he cares about the kids he teaches. Very inspirational. It’s teachers like this that make a difference. Thank you for all you do Mr. Condon. Have a great summer everyone!

One thought on “Mr. Condon – A teacher loved by many at Skyridge Middle School!

  1. Mr. Condon is an owesome teacher Alisha. Thank you for the wonderful comments about Mr. Condon. I feel sad that my daughter is not going to have him as her wonderful couch anymore yeah she is going to High School. She (Cat) will never forget Mr. Condon and he will miss him a lot. My daughter Cat always had a comment about Mr. Condonand she think that Mr. condon is the best coach ever. As a mom I will definitely miss him too. Mr. condon is a very positive teacher. “To teach is to love”. Mr Condon does love teaching and he is making a lot of difference in children lives. Thank you Alisha for interviewing him. I loved everything you said and every question you asked him. Go Hawks.

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