Local Camas Artist Jayne Siroshton

Check out this fabulous local artist Jayne Siroshton. She has beautiful art featured in the Camas Gallery and has just come out with a book! Hear about her book signing and when and where you can get your copy! This city is full of so much talent.

One thought on “Local Camas Artist Jayne Siroshton

  1. I loved this interview with Jayne Siroshton. She is my neice. I live in Lexington Kentucky and received my first painting from her for my birthday last month. She is an amazing artist and good soul. Her studio on Livingston Mountain is wonderful. I can’t say enough about her. I would love to have a “signed book” by her. So, I must contact the studio and purchase mine. You are an amazing journalist yourself. It was enjoyable to watch you in action.You MUST go Jayne’s art studio UP UP UP the mountain.

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